Clearance Requirements


Your involvement as a volunteer at SCSC is very important to us. Act 153 requires that every five years all volunteers who have interaction with children get:

  1. a criminal history record check
  2. a child abuse record check
  3. a FBI clearance which requires fingerprinting. FBI fingerprinting is required only if you have lived outside of Pennsylvania in the last ten years. If you have lived in Pennsylvania for 10 or more consecutive years, complete the Clearance Affidavit and have it notarized.

You must have these clearances if you want to volunteer at the school. You can learn more about the law by visiting the PA Department of Human Service website.

You can get your Criminal History Record Check online (every 5 years).

  1. You can get your Child Abuse Record Check (every 5 years).
  2. Child Welfare Portal: Click on create a new account.
    • General Information/Welcome: Click Next
    • Create a new Keystone ID: It must be 6 to 10 characters (you will use this to login) Click finish
    • They will email you a temporary password, copy and paste your password. You will be asked to create a new password.
    • You must accept to terms to proceed: Click continue
    • You will then get to My PA Child Abuse History Clearances: Click Create Clearance Application
    • You will be charged for this document.
  3. FBI clearance (fingerprinting) is required only if you have lived outside of Pennsylvania at any time in the last ten years.
    • Click to set up an appointment for FBI fingerprints via IdentoGO (every 5 years)
    • **Note: You will need a service code for background checks. Use 1KG6Q9 for SCSC Employment. Use 1KG6ZJ for SCSC Volunteering
    • As you complete the registration process, IndentoGO will provide you with a variety of locations to schedule your fingerprint appointment.