The vision of Souderton Charter School Collaborative is to foster a superb learning environment grounded in the following critical success factors:

  • School becomes a learning community in which parents, students, teachers, and community members advance their own and each other's learning goals and competencies.
  • Active engagement in real life and interesting experiences.
  • Active child participation in decision making about experiences of interest to the child.
  • Children with diverse abilities participate fully as members of an inclusive school community.
  • Substantive parent and community involvement viewed as crucial to providing a superb education.
  • School becomes visible in the community through using opportunities for community service as learning experiences.
  • Parents, to the extent of their abilities and energies, will be involved actively in the educational process.
  • Education must involve understanding social systems.
  • Learning is not an individual or selfish process.

A true learning institution must foster continual growth and learning among everyone because every day new information and complex challenges that cannot be anticipated entirely present themselves.  Every part of the system must encourage adults to practice and model the same learning behaviors that we want our children to learn.  The mission of the Souderton Charter School Collaborative is to refine and improve continually school content by reinventing the system that surrounds and supports the content, ensuring the result is ongoing educational reform.  "If the United States is serious about wanting an improved educational system, we must evaluate the time needed for teachers and administrators to interact as professionals in learning new skills.  We must bring teacher out of their individual boxes and provide them with the time for collegial study and dialogue" (Erickson, 1995).  SCSC embraces the concepts of a true learning organization and the culture of the school embodies these ideals.

The Learning Organization