The academic mission of SCSC is to have all students leave performing at a proficient or higher level in all academic areas. The overall mission of the SCSC is to create an environment that will foster both learning and a commitment to life long learning, a learning center in which students, professional staff, parents, and community members are engaged in both their own learning and the learning of others. In this learning environment all children will be valued completely and each child's unique qualities will be appreciated and developed. As a concrete expression of this philosophy, home base for all children will be the general education classroom and everyone involved with the learning center, children and adults alike, will have an individualized education plan or individualized learning plan (IEP/ILP).

Ultimately, the goal of the Collaborative is that all of us learn how to learn and to work cooperatively with one another, thus, becoming members of society who are confident not only in our ability to adapt to a changing future, but in our abilities to guide and direct our future.

SCSC's learning environment is grounded in 

  • hands-on, experiential learning
  • flexible, individualized, and inclusive groupings
  • strong family and community partnerships
  • collaboration and adult learning systems

SCSC Mission Triangle

Hands-on, experiential learning is a focus at SCSC.  Throughout the school, science and social studies content are covered through project work and fieldwork experiences.

Flexible, individualized, and inclusive groupings are a cornerstone of our learning environment.  For example, this is accomplished through ability-level math groups and the 100 Book Challenge reading program, as well as other elements of the inclusive nature of our school.

Strong family partnerships are embraced with an open door policy that includes many meaningful opportunities for volunteering.

Adult learning systems are viewed as critical to accomplishing the above three cornerstones of our school's mission.  Collaboration is nurtured to ensure ongoing learning among everyone and resiliency in the organization.  For example, this is accomplished through Professional Development Teams, tuition reimbursement, outside professional development, ongoing dialogue, team teaching, and other elements of the school.