Social and Emotional Learning

Social Emotional

Best Self

Students in grades K - 5 participate in the Best Self Initiative, applying viable strategies such as independent problem solving, conflict resolution, and self-empowerment skills, aiming to help students first develop awareness of who they are individually, and then identify and apply the skills to unlock their personal potential. Several themes explored are Growth Mindset for long-term success, the science of character development and core virtues that lead to a meaningful life, perseverance as a strength, and the constant striving to improve our character through practice. Part of the natural progression of this curriculum is that students, on a journey of self-discovery, ultimately recognize, appreciate, and encourage the character strengths in others, too. Empowering children to exercise the best version of themselves is at the core of this initiative.

The Responsive Classroom

The Responsive Classroom is an approach to teaching and learning that fosters social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe school community. The goal is to enable optimal student learning. The Responsive Classroom is based on the premise that children learn best when they have both academic and social-emotional skills. Therefore, the approach consists of classroom and school-wide practices for deliberately helping children build academic and social-emotional competencies.

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