Digital Art Resources

Weave Silk

Create a beautiful symmetrical design with ease! You can also create a rotational symmetry design, as seen on! Very user friendly and works for just about any age group.

Art for Kids Hub

For those students who love to make origami, check out this link!

Art for Kids Hub

This is a fun instructional website for kids of all ages! We have used this website in Ms. Jen's art class to learn how to draw a variety of characters and objects, for K-4th grade especially.

Digital Paint ABCya

This is a great digital painting website for younger kids (K-5) to play with digital tools to create their own imagery! After it loads, click the play button to start making art.

Free Draw Sketchpad

This is a really cool digital sketch website that operates much like Photoshop except that you can draw anything! It also has a variety of built-in patterns to enhance your design. Note: This website may only work on laptops (not Chromebooks), and is intended for older students (4-8).

Math is Fun: Rotational Symmetry

This is a really fun website where Ms. Jen's 3rd and 4th grade students have made their very own digital rotational symmetry designs! It's a fun and fabulous activity for any age. If your child loves math, they can also enjoy other features on this interactive website.

NASA Kids Club

For more fun in outer space, check out the coloring pages (K-2) found in this link.

NASA Space Place

For all you science lovers out there, this is a fun resource to explore outer space through hands-on activities, such as crafts! I personally love learning about outer space, and you can find more interesting facts on the home page; just click on the NASA icon to see the full website.

National Gallery of Art: Kids Art Zone

This website contains "Bruster Interactive' which has digital draw/paint tools to create your own digital art. Note: This website requires a download for laptops (see instructions on website). For students with iPads, there's an app that you can download: NGAkids Art Zone for iPad.

Sesame Street Art Maker

This is a great website for those beginner digital artists in pre-school or kindergarten. It's very user-friendly and interacts with Sesame Street characters.