Who Can Attend and What is the Enrollment Process at SCSC?

Pennsylvania Charter School Law defines enrollment requirements and SCSC offers a structured enrollment process for each school year. State charter school law states that charter schools may not discriminate in admission and all students are to be selected by lottery. SCSC's open enrollment period is held between January 1st through the end of February for the upcoming year. The open enrollment period is followed by an impartial lottery where children are slotted into open seats and the waiting list order is created. Children may be entered into the lottery by providing demographic information: child's name, birth date, and grade for which they are seeking enrollment; parent's name(s), home address, phone number, email address; resident school district. Academic or behavior records are not requested. With this basic student information, all applicants are sorted by grade and priority. By law, SCSC must give priority to students as follows:

  1. Siblings of SCSC students in the Souderton Area School District
  2. Siblings of SCSC students from all other school districts
  3. All others from the Souderton Area School District
  4. All others from other school districts.

During the impartial lottery, names are “drawn” and if more applicants are received during the enrollment period than can be accommodated, a waiting list for each grade is established using the same priority guidelines listed above.