• The mission of the SCSC is to create an environment that will foster both learning and a commitment to life long learning, a learning center in which students, professional staff,  parents/guardians, and community members are engaged in both their own learning and the learning of others.  In this learning environment all children will be valued completely and each child's unique qualities will be appreciated and developed.  As a concrete expression of this philosophy, home base for all children will be the general education classroom and all children will have an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). 

    Research shows that children learn the broadest range of academic skills through  meaningful, hands-on project work. Projects, combined with explicit skill instruction, enhance  children’s abilities to master successfully the following subjects: communication/language arts,  mathematics, science and the environment, social studies, arts and humanities, and health, safety  and fitness. In addition, the learning environment will encourage each child to develop the  following essential life skills: critical thinking, information processing, collaboration, consensus  decision making, responsible citizenship, multimedia literacy, and self-determination.  

    Ultimately, the goal of SCSC is that all of us learn how to learn and work cooperatively  with one another, thus, becoming members of society, not only confident in our abilities to adapt  to a changing future, but also in our abilities to guide and direct our future.