• Parents Involved in Educating Students

    The purpose of PINES is to provide a network for planning and implementing community-building activities for the school in keeping with the philosophy and mission of the SCSC for the benefit of the students and their families, faculty, alumni and those with a vested interest in the school.  PINES shall encourage and coordinate volunteerism, as well as foster a welcoming spirit of inclusion and partnership among families. 

    Current members of PINES leadership committee are Christa Ward, Patty Hinkle, Karla Kane, Marty Koebert, Vicki Kozhushchenko, Jenny Marion, Laura Rivera, Denise Seydor, Sheri Shalkowski and Erin Vandermark. Please contact Christa Ward at christa86ward@gmail.com with any questions. 

    Appreciation Committee
    Chair:  Christa Ward
    The purpose of the Appreciation Committee is to plan events that honor and show appreciation for the faculty, staff and school administration. 

    Fundraising Committee
    Chairs:  Marty Koebert & Vicki Kozhushchenko
    The purpose of the Auction Committee is to plan and implement all aspects of the Annual SCSC Auction.

    Social Committee
    Chair:  Meg Trost
    The purpose of the Social Committee is to plan events that build community and fellowship among the school community.  These events may focus on currently enrolled families, alumni, grandparents or others with a vested interest in SCSC.

    Traditions Committee
    Chair:  Anna Pugliese
    The purpose of the Traditions Committee is to facilitate school traditions.  This includes leadership of the Book Fair, Holiday Shop and service projects such as the Table of Plenty.  In addition, this committee may be called on to assist faculty and school administration with homebase activities, as requested.