Our Approach

  • A true learning institution must foster continual growth and learning among everyone because every day new information and complex challenges that cannot be anticipated entirely present themselves.  Every part of the system must encourage adults to practice and model the same learning behaviors that we want our children to learn.  The mission of the Souderton Charter School Collaborative is to refine and improve continually school content by reinventing the system that surrounds and supports the content, ensuring the result is ongoing educational reform.  “If the United States is serious about wanting an improved educational system, we will evaluate the time needed for teachers and administrators to interact as professionals in learning new skills.  We must bring teachers out of the individuals boxes and provide them with the time for collegial study and dialogue” (Erickson, 1995). SCSC embraces the concepts of a true learning organization and the culture of the school embodies these ideals. 

    The Learning Organization

    SCSC’s learning environment is grounded in 1) experiential hands-on learning 2) individualized, inclusive and flexible groupings 3) strong parent partnerships and 4) and adult learning systems to nurture learning and growth among the faculty.

    Experiential and hands-on learning is a focus in the school. Throughout the school, science and social studies are covered through project work and field work.

    Individualized, inclusive and flexible groupings are a cornerstone of our learning environment. For example, this is accomplished through ability-level math groups, the 100 Book Challenge reading program and other elements of the inclusive nature of our school.

    Strong parent partnerships are embraced with a family welcome policy that includes many meaningful opportunities for volunteering.

    Adult learning systems are viewed as critical to accomplishing the above three cornerstones to our school’s mission.  Collaboration is nurtured to ensure ongoing learning among everyone and resiliency in the organization.  For example, this is accomplished through Professional Development Teams, tuition reimbursement, outside professional development, ongoing dialogue, team teaching and other elements of the school.