• What I love about SCSC is that the teachers are having fun with the class themselves, and that makes the kids want to have fun and be a part of the environment too. Also, the teachers treat all the kids how they would other adults and this is good because the kids feel listened to and heard. Lastly, the teachers here are willing to learn things from and right along with the kids here. To summarize, the thing I love about SCSC the most is the teachers. - James

    I love how all the teachers are so kind and how all the students treat each other with respect. To me this school is like a second family. - Isla

    I love how much it feels like a family. I feel as if I'm at home even when I come to school. The teachers not only teach us how to be better students but also teach us how to be better people! - Marie

    Some things I love about SCSC is that they offer individualized learning for people. Not everyone learns the same way, and SCSC sees that. They take how people can learn in order for them to be successful, and apply it to the classes so everyone will learn the same thing in their own way. I also love how they I-search. At the beginning of the year, you pick a topic to study the whole year, and then at the end of the year, you present on it. I love it because it gives you options on what you want to study for the year, and it keeps you interested. - Evelyn

    These are some things I love about SCSC. I love that we switch classes in math. I love that we have different specials every day. This is why I love SCSC! - Sanvi