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Our Founder - Wendy Ormsby

I was very fortunate to have spent my early professional years with Johnson and Johnson. After leaving J&J and receiving my master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania, I consulted with Fortune 50 companies on issues related to overall business effectiveness, with a focus on improving an organization's culture and analyzing its business processes.  These professional experiences compelled me to ponder changes that were necessary to promote resilient learning among adults within the public education system. Thus, the Souderton Charter School Collaborative was born.

If we really hope to improve the educational system, educators must be removed from the isolation of their classrooms and brought together to reflect, brainstorm and collaborate. Together as an SCSC staff, we are empowered.  We are striving to reinvent schooling from the ground up. At school every day we hear the voice of each child - even the child who has a difficult time finding her voice. When you visit our school you will see children and adults alike involved in purposeful activities and you will hear a diverse group of people interacting and asking questions. You will experience an environment where we are learning to do more than react to our environment; we are learning to impact positively the world around us. I am inspired by the wisdom and insight of the pioneer in the field of organizational dynamics, Mary Parker Follett, who said, "The aim of every...organization should be not to share power but increase power, to seek the method by which power can be increased in all."  I am proud to be working together with my colleagues to do just that. Our accomplishments rest on the shoulders of our faculty and families, past and present. The synergy of collective wisdom and power is changing a small corner of the world.

  • WHY?

    Many people ask a question that I've heard so often: WHY?

    Why do we need a charter school in a district like Souderton?  There are a few people who know the story - but everyone should understand.  Everyone deserves to understand why it all started.

    Christine and Mark PennyThis is my daughter Christine and my son Mark.  Christine will never live independently - but sill my husband and I desperately love her.  Academic learning is very hard for Christine - but still we desperately love her.  Her language skills are very limited - but still we all desperately love her.

    When Christine started school in kindergarten in 1996 at Oak Ridge, we had hope for her schooling.  But quickly we learned the district saw only one path for her: a path of segregation through special education.  No matter how hard we tried, there was no place for Christine with other children her age.  There would be no place for Christine like the place there would be for my son in the upcoming year because things came easier to Mark than they did to Christine.

    And so it struck me, there must be a different approach, possibly something new.  I wasn't thinking better, just new and different.  My family didn't ask for this challenge and yet there it was before us so we had to try.

    So I humbly offer the answer to everyone's question, WHY?  Our desperate love for our daughter is the spark behind SCSC and the answer to your question, WHY?  Before SCSC finally opened its doors in 2000, I wondered to myself if this idea could really work.

    But we are here to collectively tell you in a resounding voice that it does work.  We are here to tell you that it works remarkably well because so many other people have become committed and dedicated to this idea.  And many, many children have - and are - benefiting.  

    Christine Penny