It is a thrill to begin the 2021-22 school year with in-person education to benefit both our
    students and teachers.
    As communicated previously, the PA Secretary of Health issued an order directing that face coverings be worn in all K-12 public and private schools effective 9/7/21. HERE  In compliance with that order all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear a mask when indoors on the premises of SCSC. We are confident that this action when combined with other mitigation efforts will keep our community thriving with in-person learning. 
    The SCSC Board of Trustees held a special meeting tonight Monday, September 6th, to discuss the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health's universal masking order effective Tuesday, September 7th. 
    We are hoping that everyone will act in accordance with this order for the well-being of our community. If your child has a medical condition or disability that prevents them from wearing a mask, a form to apply for an exemption is available. Click Here
    We recognize that an ideal learning environment is one when we are all engaged with each other, able to observe expressions and laugh with each other without masks. In order for us to reach that ultimate goal, we must come together, rise as a community and continue our work together to uphold these safety measures. We are grateful for your continued support of SCSC as a community. 
    Looking forward to a Great Year!


    At our regularly scheduled public board meeting on Tuesday, August 17th, SCSC’s Board of Trustees reviewed our Health and Safety Plan in light of the most current COVID-19 data and recent recommendations provided by Montgomery County Of Public Health (MCOPH). 

    To continue our success of offering in-person instruction to our students and staff, the board unanimously decided that with the district recording its second week in the substantial range of transmission, masking will be mandatory for unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals for indoor activity and optional while outdoors. 

    Montgomery County 2021-22 School Year COVID Guidance

    Our goal is to prioritize the physical, emotional, social, and developmental health of the students, faculty, and staff by maintaining in-person instruction while safely mitigating the risk of escalating cases within SCSC. Maintaining in-person instruction is wholly supported by SCSC’s faculty, administration, and the American Pediatric Association to optimize students’ learning and development. 

    The Administration and Board of Trustees are committed to continually monitoring the data in our community as Montgomery County Office of Public Health updates it. We will revisit the decision as necessary based on consistent trends in the data. Currently, the county has entered its third week of substantial transmission of COVID, and its positivity rate is climbing. With Labor Day upon us, the Delta variant being the dominant strain in the county (80%), and its having the capacity to carry an equal load for both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals, the safety of our community, and in-person learning remain our focus.

    Last year, SCSC relied on the guidance of the CDC and MCOPH to start our school year with an in-person option for students on the first day of school. Following their recommendations seemed prudent in reopening this year, given their masking recommendations.

    In closing, it is with you, our tremendous SCSC community, who joined with us in implementing healthy choices that made it possible for us to make it through the prior school year with zero transmission of COVID cases.  We hope that with our combined vigilance both at home and school, we will continue to provide a safe and healthy learning environment.

    As always, we are deeply thankful for your ongoing support for SCSC.