• Please Breathe! I know it is a very stressful time right now with COVID-19. I am sure so many of you and your children are having an array of mixed emotions from being anxious and scared to stressed. These emotions, amongst others, are completely expected with the current situation.  Signs of stress, worry and anxiety may be behavioral, physical and emotional. Some signs your children might be displaying are increased irritability, changes in energy, crying, blaming others for everything or withdrawing. 

    It is helpful to learn ways to manage all these emotions and taking a mindful minute to breathe can help. Here are some more tips to help manage: Keep things into perspective and focus on things that you can control (limit the amount of time you are watching/reading about the virus, especially in front of the children), try to keep your usual routine as much as possible and create a schedule, stay healthy by eating healthy foods, get enough sleep and exercise and try to maintain connections with others even though it is only electronically, utilize healthy coping strategies such as mindfulness, listening to music, exercising, journaling, reading, coloring, yoga, etc., talk about your feelings to someone you trust and pay attention to your body and feelings.  Take as many mindful minutes as you and your children need to help manage emotions.

    I know this is an adjustment period for everyone.  If you have specific concerns about your student, please email me at laurend@scsc4kids.org, and we can schedule a confidential virtual counseling session or a session by phone during my office hours from 1PM-4PM. Please email me with the subject heading either Virtual Appointment or Phone Appointment, and I will respond with a time and date. Please be aware my phone number will be a blocked number. If you request a virtual appointment, I will send you an email with the date/time along with the link.  At the assigned time, your child should click the link and we will be connected. Please make sure you are all taking care of yourself!!

    Below are some resources that you might find helpful: