Child Find Policy

  • Policy and Procedures for Students with Disabilities

    Souderton Charter School Collaborative (SCSC or “the school”) will ensure that all students with disabilities who are eligible to enroll in the school will have available to them free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. The rights of children with disabilities and their parents will be protected in accordance with federal laws.

    As part of this child find responsibility, SCSC seeks to ensure that all students with disabilities who are eligible to enroll in the school are identified, located and evaluated. This child find responsibility shall be accomplished through a process which, while not a definitive or final judgment of a student’s capabilities or disability, is a possible indicator of special education needs. The child find process shall include obtaining data on each student, through direct assessment or by indirect means of the student’s academic performance, gross and fine motor skills, receptive and expressive language skills, vision, hearing and cognitive skills. School staff, parents or agency representatives may refer students to the multi-disciplinary team if they believe that the student, because of a disability, may be in need of special education, psychological counseling and/or supportive services in order to benefit from regular education. When these services are included in a student’s IEP, they are provided at no cost to the parents/guardians. SCSC shall ensure that an appropriately certified school psychologist participates in the initial evaluation and all subsequent re-evaluations of the student.

    Final identification of students with disabilities and programming for such students occurs only after an appropriate evaluation and a determination by the multi-disciplinary team. If it is determined that the child requires special education and supportive services in order to benefit from regular education, an Individual Education Plan shall be developed for the student in accordance with federal law.

    If you know someone or have a child with a disability who may be in need of special education and related services, you can initiate a referral through the school by contacting the school’s office at 215-721-4560.

    Date of Adoption:  October 18, 2016