Souderton Charter School Collaborative Anti-Bullying Policy

  • Souderton Charter School Collaborative (SCSC) recognizes that bullying of students has a negative effect on the educational environment of its schools. Therefore, SCSC strives to offer all students an educational environment free from bullying. It shall be the policy of SCSC to maintain an environment in which any type of bullying (including but not limited to bullying on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin and disability); including intimidation and extortion are not tolerated.

    SCSC will not tolerate known acts of bullying occurring in the school setting.  School leadership or designee shall develop administrative procedures and programs to increase the awareness of the problems of bullying, and train teachers to effectively intervene if bullying is witnessed in their presence or brought to their attention.

    In accordance with state law, school leadership shall review this policy every three (3) years and recommend necessary revisions to the Board of Trustees.


    “Bullying”shall mean both an intentional, electronic, verbal, written, or physical act or a series of acts that, individually or cumulatively, are severe, persistent or pervasive, that are directed at a student by another student in a school setting and that has the intent and effect of:

    Physically harming a student; or

    Damaging, extorting or taking a student’s personal property; or
    Placing a student in reasonable fear of physical harm; or
    Placing a student in reasonable fear of damage to or loss of personal property; or
    Creating an intimidating or hostile environment (shunning, spreading rumors, cyber-bullying); or
    Substantially interfering with a student’s educational opportunities; or
    Substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school.

    “School setting” means in the school, on school grounds, in school vehicles, at a designated bus stop or at any activity sponsored, supervised or sanctioned by the school. The definition shall also include during the time students necessarily spend traveling to and from school or school-sponsored activities.

    Guidelines for Student, Parent/Guardian and Employee Reporting

    SCSC strongly encourages all students and parents/guardians who become aware of any act of bullying to immediately report that conduct. Students may report acts of bullying to their teachers, school leadership or other school employees supervising school-sponsored activities. Parents/Guardians may contact faculty or school leadership to report acts of bullying. All reports will be treated in a confidential manner.

    Investigation Procedures

    Upon learning about a bullying incident, school leadership or designee shall interview students involved in the incident(s), and thoroughly investigate. This investigation may include interviews with students, parents/guardians and school staff, and the review of school records.


    Students who bully others will be subject to disciplinary options that may include a mental health assessment, a parent conference, suspension or other consequences as provided in SCSC Discipline Policy.

    Notification To Students

    Within ninety (90) days of adoption of this policy, or any subsequent changes thereto, and at least one (1) time during each school year thereafter, school leadership will arrange that this policy will be reviewed with the students in the building to ensure their awareness of the same.

    The policy shall be available on the school web site, in each classroom and posted prominently in at least one location in each building in such a location as other such notices are posted. The policy shall also be incorporated into the school’s student discipline policy.

    Date of Adoption: August 18, 2016