The SCSC 2022-23 school year lottery was held, as scheduled, on March 11, 2022. All students who were registered in the lottery between January 1, and  February 28, 2022 were assigned a lottery number that will determine the order in which we can offer open seats for the upcoming school year. In effect, the lottery number assigned to each student determines their waiting list number for admission.

     Our next step is to determine class placements of current students who will continue at SCSC next year; this will fix both class sizes and the number of open spots in each class. Until this stage is complete, all prospective students are placed on the waiting list. Once we have determined how many new students we can admit for next year, we will use the waiting list to call families and welcome them to the school.

     Working through placements and determining ideal class sizes involves thoughtful consideration of how we can best serve all of our students. We expect that we will be ready to begin welcoming new students by April 1, 2022. We understand that each prospective family is anxious to find out where each of their children stand on the waiting list, but we ask for your patience while we work through the placement process.

     We will be ready to answer inquiries about waiting list numbers after April 4, 2022. We will begin to answer questions related to the waiting list that are sent to scsc4kids@hotmail.com after this date. Please do not call the office, the office staff will not be able to answer your questions.

    If you did not complete a lottery registration form between January 1 and February 28, 2022, you can be added to the waiting list by completing a Lottery Enrollment form. 


    Thank you for your continued support of SCSC.